Let's do a roundup of yesterday's Knicks/Cavs/Thunder trade, using descriptors from ESPN.com's "expert" "insider" evaluation.

Cavs Outgoing

The Cavs gave up a "talent" who can "flat-out play" who was "one of the league leaders in steals per game off the bench," plus a future second-round pick. They also gave up "bench bodies" in the trade, of course.

Cavs Incoming

The Cavs took a "shot in the dark" "major risk" on a "loose cannon" whose questionable "professional approach" leaves some doubt about whether he can "do more good than harm" and "play winning basketball," especially since the Knicks "had to give up something" to "dump his personality" as a "start to putting out the dumpster fire." They also took a "major risk" to find out if a "rotation player" "can stay healthy" and "can play winning basketball." At least the protected first-round pick "isn't a bad haul."

Grading the Cavs

"Too early to say"




"tempting to go as far as calling it great"

Thunder Outgoing

OKC gave up Lance Thomas and a first-round pick in the deal.

Thunder Incoming

From the Cavs the Thunder received a "knucklehead" "malcontent" who "hasn't been good this season" and who "has a bit of a reputation" and therefore may not "blend into Oklahoma City's culture." His "shot selection can go awry," which is a problem if he "take[s] shots away from their star duo." He's likely not "anywhere as good" as Reggie Jackson, for whom he may serve as an "awful insurance policy" in much the same way Evan Turner was "'insurance' for if Lance Stephenson departed" in Indiana.


Grading the Thunder

"Not great"

"Good on paper"




Knicks Outgoing

The Knicks gave up an "automatic scorer" who "loved playing" for them, "especially at Madison Square Garden in front of his family," plus a "good young player" who is a "shut-down swingman" and "defensive upgrade."


Knicks Incoming

From the Cavs the Knicks received "flotsam," while from the Thunder they received a second-round pick four years from now.

Grading the Knicks






Awesome job, Knicks.